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Family Addiction Support

Family Addiction Support: This Disease Impacts Everyone

An important, but very difficult for many people to realize is that addiction isn’t a disease that impacts just one person. It hurts parents, siblings, spouses, and children. It creates barriers to relationships and limits communications. At Recode, we believe in family addiction support. While you are dealing with the intensities of your addiction, your family also needs support to learn how to move forward together.

Increasing Resilience in Your Life

For those who are using a local addiction center, getting treatment for yourself is the first and most important step. However, once you start to step back into life and the stresses it brings with you, you may find yourself unable to handle it. With the help of family addiction support, your loved ones are there and can provide you with the guidance and supportive structure you need. They are able to help you overcome guilt, shame, and isolation.

Rebuilding Relationships or Learning to Step Away

For many men and women receiving help at a local addiction center, it is possible to rebuild your family with a bit of education, counseling in a productive manner, and tools. Your loved ones need to understand what happened to you and why. They need to understand your addiction and disease. When they do, they are then able to support you. You are then able to open up to them when you want to improve those relationships.

There are relationships that will not just heal on their own. Sometimes that is okay. In all cases, you need the support and guidance of moving on beyond what these limitations offer. Our team at Recode can provide you with that guidance and the resources to learn how to move forward properly in your specific situation.

At Recode, you have more opportunities than you realize to get help. Connect with us. Learn more about the programs we offer and the tools available to you.

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